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Introducing E-Bikes & Boards

At Down Under Dive Shop, we're excited to introduce our newest offering: E-Bikes & Boards! Whether you're looking to rent a kayak, paddleboard, or e-bike, we've got you covered for your next thrilling adventure. Say goodbye to logistical worries because we've taken care of them all. Our onsite kayak launch provides direct access to the breathtaking Little Lagoon, allowing you to embark on a serene and picturesque water exploration.


And if you're more inclined towards an exhilarating biking experience, we're just one stoplight away from the Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail in Gulf State Park. With 28 miles of paved trails winding through six unique coastal ecosystems, this destination is a paradise for e-bike enthusiasts. Join us at E-Bikes & Boards for an unforgettable journey through nature's wonders!

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