Paddling Information

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Local Kayak & Canoe Launches

The gulf coast is covered with beautiful waterways, and paddling is one of the best and most eco friendly ways to enjoy them. Alabama has opportunities for all levels of paddlers: open water, salt marsh, lagoons and bays, freshwater lakes, and slow flowing rivers to fast flowing creeks. Whether you're looking for fishing, exploring, bird watching, or exercise, it is a paddler's paradise.

Gulf Shores

Moes Landing

Little Lagoon Pass

Jeff Friend Kayak Launch

Canal Park

The Pines

Lake Shelby

Orange Beach

Gulf Bay Road

Cypress Avenue

Waterfront Park

Palmetto Extension

Harrison Park

Mississippi Avenue

Look Rook Road

Wilson Blvd.

Boggy Point

Cotton Bayou

Click Here for a printable map of the Orange Beach Canoe Trail


Graham Creek Nature Preserve

Wolf Creek Park

Magnolia River Park

Weeks Bay/Fish River Launch

Point Clear

Mullet Point

View Point

Mobile Delta

Bartram Canoe Trail

Cliffs Landing

Byrnes Lake

Click Here for a map of the Bartram Canoe Trail


Perdido River Canoe Trail

Click Here for a map of the Perdido River Canoe Trail